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her Majesty the Queen might think proper the choice of which punishment he would suffer was offered him. Rather than undergo the shame of being sent home, or to endure the wretched fate which would have been his lot among the savages some days being allowed youtube for male enhancement him to decide he resolved, after fully acknowledging his guilt, notwithstanding the persuasions of his friends to the contrary, to select the first alternative offered, youtube for male enhancement desiring male enhancement xyzal only that he might youtube for male enhancement take the communion with the Admiral, as a token that he died at peace with him and all men. Strange as it may seem, the sacred ordinance having been celebrated by Mr Francis Fletcher, the preacher and pastor of the fleet, he dined at the same table as the black tins of 10 pills natural male enhancement Admiral, both appearing youtube for male enhancement cheerful and drinking to each other as if only some journey had been in contemplation. Aft.set at liberty all the other prisoners they had taken. Having thus arranged their business on shore, on the 16th of April they set sail, standing youtube for male enhancement out into the ocean. Obtaining a fair wind, they steered northward for one thousand four hundred leagues, until they reached the forty youtube for male enhancement second degree of north latitude. Here they found the cold primax male enhancement so intense, that many of the crew suffered greatly. The air was biting in the extreme, and even the ropes of the ship on which the rain fell became covered with ice. This occurred not only at youtube for male enhancement night, but during the day, when the sun was shining. As they sailed two degrees farther north, ecuadorian male enhancement the seamen could scarcely keep themselves warm with the thickest clothing they could put on. They found it difficult also, even with double the number of men, to work the ropes and youtube for male enhancement trim the sails. Th.

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