INF219 Project in Visualization

Project in visualization: hands-on experience by implementing a visualization assignment.

Project in Visualization

This course (INF219/INF319, project in visualization) is about realizing a programming project in visualization. INF319 is an important course in theĀ UiB Master study programme in informatics with focus on visualizationĀ (MAMN-INFVI).Ā INF319 is a course that can also be taken as part of the PhD study programme.


Two years of programming experience are required. Many of the INF219/INF319 projects on visualization will be programmed in C/C++ or Java and OpenGl.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course the student should have the following learning outcomes defined in terms of knowledge and skills:


The student can

  • participate in project work in informatics, e.g. a programming project.
  • contribute to the written documentation of a project work in the form of a technical report.
  • give an oral presentation of a project work in which the student has participated.

The acquired skills will depend on the project that the student has participated in.

Course Access

Access to the course requires admission to a programme of study at The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

Course Structure

A project will be specified and should be implemented under the guidance of an advisor from the department. Typically this is a programming project, but projects can also cover subjects like literature studies and modeling. Note that there is a limited number of projects. Available projects will be announced at Mitt UiB, and at our website. Questions about available projects can be sent to the study advisor at the Department of Informatics (

Compulsory Assignments and Attendance

Written report and oral presentation of the work.

Forms of Assessment

Semester project, passed/failed.

Grading Scale


Subject Overlap

No overlap

Available Projects

Comparative Visualization of Protein Secondary Structures
Protein Tunnel Reprojection for Physico-Chemical Property Analysis
Tree Diagram Representation of Ā Unfolded Protein Tunnels
View of Multiple Unfolded Protein Tunnels by Aggregation
Visual Exploration of Road Traffic for Sensor Data Fusion