Challenges of Visualization

Helwig Hauser
10:00 - 11:00
Visual Computing Forum

Since 2007, Helwig Hauser is professor at the University of Bergen, Norway, where he is leading the research group on visualization. During the first four years, the group grew to a size of 15 researchers, working on projects in medical visualization, the visualization of geological data and models, flow visualization, the visualization of biological data, marine data visualization, and others. Since then, the group is continuously contributing to the field. Helwig Hauser’s interests are diverse in visualization and related fields, including interactive visual analysis, illustrative visualization, and the combination of scientific and information visualization, as well as many other related topics. Helwig Hauser is also particularly interested in the application of visualization to the fields of medicine, geoscience, climatology, biology, engineering, and others. Currently Helwig Hauser is on a sabbatical at TU Delft. In his talk he will describe the impressions he gathered so far and give us a glimpse of the upcoming directions in his research.


Location:VilVite Konferanserom A