Precision Imaging in Gynecologic Cancer and Pancreatic Disease

Ingfrid Haldorsen
Visual Computing Forum

Ingfrid Haldorsen earned her MD degree in 1993 and PhD (on Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma in Norway) in 2009, and has served as Professor in Radiology at UiB since 2013. Her main area of research the last decade has been on advanced pancreatic and gynaecologic imaging and the role of advanced imaging markers for personalizing treatment strategies. In 2013 she established the Bergen Abdominal Imaging Research Group ( and since 2018 she has been heading the Cancer Imaging Project at Mohn Medical Imaging and Visualization Centre (MMIV). Haldorsen has since 2019 served as Head of MMIV (; MMIV was established in 2017 in collaboration with UiB and Haukeland University Hospital through funding by Trond Mohn Foundation. MMIV focuses on conducting interdisciplinary research on advanced imaging methods and envisions promoting clinical implementation of advanced imaging biomarkers for providing better patient care.

In recent years, the advances in imaging technologies and visualization techniques have been tremendous. Furthermore, emerging automated post-processing techniques including artificial intelligence (AI) guided imaging tools are about to transform radiology, through the introduction of novel diagnostic imaging tools with potential relevance for patient care.
In this talk clinically relevant imaging findings derived from advanced imaging techniques i.e. magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET) in gynaecologic cancer and pancreatic disease will be presented. These techniques allow refined detection and characterization of pathological tissue and allow depiction of functional tissue characteristics relevant for disease progression and prognosis. Furthermore, some imaging biomarkers are linked to molecular targets for therapy, thus may serve as guidance for personalized treatment strategies.

Location:Allégaten 41 (Realfagbygget) Auditorium 2, Maze map