VisGroup @ VCBM2023

VisGroup @ VCBM2023

VCBM 2023 banner with aerial view of the city of Norrköping as background image

Our group attended VCBM 2023 in Norrköping, Sweden over 20-22 September with strong representation from our Master students: Hanna Balaka, a second-year Master student, and Beatrice Budich, a visiting first-year Master student from Magdeburg, Germany.

Short paper: Reflections on AI-assisted character design for data-driven medical stories [link to paper: Character Design for Medical Stories (]
Beatrice Budich, Laura Garrison, Bernhard Preim, Monique Meuschke.

Image of older woman, elegantly and casually dressed, in a forest in autumn
This work explores an AI-assisted pipeline to generate believable patient characters to support a data-driven medical story.

Poster: MoBa Explorer: Enabling the Navigation of Data from the Norwegian Mother, Father and Child Cohort Study (MoBa) [link to poster]
H. Balaka, R. Valen, L. A. Garrison, and M. Vaudel

MoBA Explorer interface screenshot. web interface with a top navigation panel, one large central panel showing a large box plot visualization and table, and 2 smaller panels on either side that enable time point selection (left) and variable filtering (right)
This is a work-in-progress design study and accompanying web application, the MoBa Explorer, which presents MoBa study data genotypes and phenotypes. Our research explores how to serve two distinct purposes in one application: (1) allow researchers to interactively explore MoBa data for further study, and (2) provide MoBa study details to an interested general public.

Assoc. Prof. Laura Garrison also led a workshop entitled “Crash-Course in Creating Biomedical Graphics” as part of the Bio+Med+Vis Summer School that was collocated with VCBM. In this hands-on tutorial, students learned theory and techniques to communicate their research through science graphics using Figma. Exercises and reference material for the workshop is published in Figma Community and accessible for anyone interested.

screenshot of figma canvas with three exercises to create basic shapes, figures, and more complex objects in Figma