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2024 VisGroup Hiring!

The Bergen VisGroup will soon announce three exciting positions: We are looking to hire an additional faculty member to strengthen our team! We are currently considering faculty members at various career stages, from (tenure-track) Associate Professor to Full Professor. Please get in touch with Helwig Hauser, Laura Garrison, or Noeska Smit to learn more! We

visgroup research illustrated montage

2023 VisGroup Updates & Hiring

2023 has been quiet on the VisGroup pages, but before the summer holidays in Norway come upon us we have a few exciting updates to share from the last several months! – We are thrilled that Rikke Aas joined the VisGroup as a PhD student in late autumn of 2022 to research engagement, bias, and

Christmas Card 2020

Happy holiday greetings from Bergen! Welcome to the UiB VisGroup video Christmas card of 2020. And what a year it has been! No matter what, one thing you can always count on is our attempt to spread ‘god stemning’¹ to our friends, partners, and colleagues worldwide! Please join us for a visit to our offices

Christmas Card 2019

Welcome, and Merry Christmas from Bergen! This is the UiB VisGroup interactive Christmas card of 2019. This year, we were inspired by the days of our youths (some of us, that is) spent in front of CRT computer screens playing video games. The days when 256 colors were a luxury and a resolution of 320

Christmas Card 2018

Welcome, and Merry Christmas from Bergen! This is the UiB VisGroup Christmas card of 2018. Click the image below to open up the game in a new window. You will be presented with a set of image pairs. Find & click the difference between the two images of each pair. There is a skip button